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Free from the awesome people at UBanking

$10 in your account on us
we will deposit your first $10

The Oops Favor
three overdrafts We’ll forgive you

Online and Mobile banking
bank from anywhere

No service charges
our job is to save your money, not spend it

No minimum balance
because being broke happens, even to the best of us

Savings Account
stash your stacks with us

Free Transfer & Direct Deposit
slide your cash from one account to another for free

High Yield Interest Rate
we’ll even pay you more than your parents do

Info Injection
learn the basics of banking and have a little fun

The Oops Favor

This is the coolest feature of the UBanking movement. Say you forgot to fill out your check register or didn’t carry the one when you were doing the math balancing your account. UBanking has your back. UBanking will refund the penalty ($28) for FREE up to 3 times. 3 strikes and you’re out? Hardly. This is banking, not baseball. Should you happen to overdraft more than 3 times, we don’t kick you out of the program, we just make you pay the same rate as everyone else.


Save a tree. Stash your cash without the paper. Put your paycheck into your account online. It’s free, fast, secure and doesn’t require a drive to the bank. Less gas means more cash.

Online Perks

Virtual Vault
secure access to statements, checking, savings, money market CDs, credit cards, loans, lines of credit and more

account summaries and transaction history for 24 months

Cash transfers
move your money from one place to another for Free

Alarms and Allies
get alerts and online help or call in and talk with a real, live person no automated service here


Set aside some reserve funds for when you need it, like for college or your first car or that friend’s TV you smashed doing an ollie over the couch. Point is, we have designed a savings account that pays more just for you.

  • High Yield interest Rate
  • FREE Auto-Transfer at no charge (save $10)
  • Six Free Online Transfers
  • Online Statements
  • No minimum balance

Info Seminar

Ok, it’s not exactly a seminar, but more like a quarterly tutorial on the ins and outs of banking. The injection is our way to give you an advantage over other people your age in the banking world with knowledge to help you make money and avoid financial hazards. This is a good time to show your parents that you’re a little more independent. Maybe, just maybe, you can push that curfew back a couple more minutes.

Mobile Banking

Snag your balance, make transfers, check your history and more. You can even get text alerts when your balance gets low.

Popularity Contest

Sign up and we’ll deposit your first $10 in your new account. If you refer a friend and that person opens an account we’ll deposit $10 in their account and you’ll get a $10 gift card.


Need cash? UBanking provides great rates and a quick application process. It’s never too early to start building life long credit. All decisions are made right here, so you can expect an answer usually within the same day or even the same hour. You’re eligible to receive a .5% interest rate discount if you apply for an automatic deduction from your UBanking checking account. Grab additional funds with:

  • Installment Loans
    • i.e. car loans
  • Ready Reserve
    • overdraft protection
  • Loans for School
  • Union State Bank Visa Credit Card


  • Show your parents this brochure or take them through
  • Bring your ID. If you drive all the way over to Union State Bank and can’t open your account because you forgot your mug shot, that’s just wasting gas.
  • First $10 of your first deposit is on US.
  • Your parents can check your account status online. Sounds weak, BUT that way your parents can transfer funds from their account to yours online in case you run out of gas or something.
  • Don’t worry if your parents don’t bank here. This is all about you.
  • We offer a cash card that you can reload whenever.
  • If you’re under 18, your parents need to sign too. It’s the law, sadly.

Everyone loves a mascot. Meet our mascot, Freebie. He’s kinda like our spokesman, but he doesn’t speak. He will chat online though. Friend him on Facebook. Check him out at events or the mall where he’ll be surrounded by people trying to get t-shirts or other freebies get it? Good.

Keep an eye out for our big, purple UBanking mascot.