We pride ourselves on our long and rich history in the Fargo community
and are excited about what the future holds for our bank and our customers…

Welcome to Union State Bank of Fargo! We are pleased that you are here and hope that you will share our sense of pride in where we have come from and what this organization stands for today. We would like to first give you a brief overview of our rich history and what we feel really makes a difference for our customers and employees at Union State Bank.

In 1973 Union State Bank of Fargo opened its doors in the West Acres Shopping Center to provide banking services to individuals and businesses in a new growth area of Fargo and West Fargo. At the time, the access to the area was still by gravel road! A main bank location was established later on 13th Avenue, an area that soon was to see explosive growth in traffic and residences.

Today, Union State Bank has two branch locations in addition to the main bank.

The Bank was established by a group of local business people who saw the future of the area. They were well ahead of their time in identifying a shopping mall location for the convenience of merchants and access to the thousands of people who would visit the mall regularly.

Today, Union State Bank is still committed to innovation. In fact, it is one of our key values. We were the first “Hometown Bank” to introduce fully interactive internet banking services, and now we’ve added the next generation of on-line banking and cash management tools. We were also the leader in providing image statements and dial-a-bank for community banks in the area. Innovative new product development has spurred growth in customer loyalty and market share.

Another one of our values, relationships, balances the commitment to innovation. We are fortunate to have many long term loyal customers and employees. While the internet, dial-a-bank and ATM’s will provide 24-hour/7 days a week access to our services, our employees still answer the phone, proactively deal with customer issues and continue to serve as financial advisors for our commercial and consumer customers. The latter represents our value system of competence.

Our remaining value is teamwork. With the pace of change and opportunity today, we need to leverage the talents of our team members to provide synergy for growth and effectiveness. All in all, this is a very exciting time at Union State Bank. The vision and innovation initiated by our founders is producing customer and employee relationships that make Union State Bank an exciting place to be. Our vision is that our growth will provide unique opportunities for those ready for the challenge. It’s good to have you here!