Perhaps the most common characteristic of successful businesses is their ability to be flexible, adapt quickly and stay ahead of the game. Your company can achieve greater flexibility and growth by utilizing one of Union State Bank’s tailored business banking options. Union State Bank offers you and your business freedom from financial constraints. Whether you maintain a high, moderate or low level of account activity, are a private, non-profit or government entity, Union State Bank has a customized banking solution for you!

Online Banking & Cash Management

  • Enjoy the flexibility of banking day or night from anywhere
  • Free access to your account information and the ability to transfer funds directly
  • Schedule and make payments on any USB loans quickly and easily
  • Access up to 24 months of transaction history
  • Set email alerts to notify you of account activity – ex: direct deposits

Credit Cards

Part of a successful business is having the ability to seek out new clients and contacts, offer personal representation, and even travel outside your local community. To do this, you must have flexible, unrestrictive credit that allows you to drive more business through your doors. It’s all about the first impression Union State Bank will ensure you make a positive one on behalf of your business with one of our Business Visa Cards.

Union State Bank Visa Business Card – The Freedom to Build

  • Enjoy no annual fees with only one purchase per year
  • Take confidence in $15,000 insurance to cover employee misuse
  • Receive discounts on car rentals for all your business trips
  • Develop and expand your company and bottom line with freedom and flexibility

Union State Bank Visa Business Travel Card – The Freedom to Move

  • Receive an automatic 2,500 point enrollment bonus
  • Earn one travel point for every dollar you spend
  • Get a $55 annual travel fee just for being a card holder
  • Enjoy the freedom to travel with any airline without any blackout dates

Union State Bank Merchant Program

The ability to accept credit card payment can move your business from stagnant sluggishness to flourishing profit. Companies can no longer afford to limit themselves in our ever-faster world of technology. Take advantage of Union State Bank’s competitive Visa and MasterCard processing options. Thinking about expanding into e-commerce? There’s plenty of room and profit to be had, but you won’t achieve anything without a merchant account. Let Union State Bank’s merchant services help you add to your bottom line.

Benefits For Your Business – Reach Beyond

Significantly reduce your cash management expenses

  • Receive payments instantaneously for your products and services
  • Attract customers you’ve never reached by offering the use of CC payment
  • Keep pace with (or out-distance) your competitors!
  • Benefits For Your Customers*-Attract, Retain, Maximize
  • The vast majority of consumers use plastic as payment: are you missing?
  • As you watch your customer loyalty rise, so will your points with every purchase
  • Every consumer wants options… are we offering enough payment options?