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USB Style

At our 2004 Annual All-Staff Training Meeting, we introduced USB STYLE to our employees. Following that session, it was unanimously adopted into our overall culture and even included in our Vision Statement. USB STYLE is how we strive to live, work and serve our customers and community.

People Like You...Like Union State Bank Style!
Uncommonly Fun!

Spirit of Teamwork!

Brightening Someone's Day!

Sensitive to Customer Needs!

Tenaciously Friendly!

Yes, we will find a way!

Learning to serve!


Mission, Vision & Values


Union State Bank is committed to enhancing financial opportunities
for those with whom we live, work and serve.


Union State Bank will achieve profitable growth
through serving our customers with "Style."


Innovation We will embrace new opportunities to address customers' changing needs while retaining the core value of personal service.
Teamwork We can create greater synergy through leveraging the skills and talents of our employees.
Relationships We seek personalized customer-focused relationships with customers and employees of high integrity.
Competency We will deliver knowledgeable, pro-active customer focused service.
Trust We will commit to maintaining trust and confidentiality to all of our customer and employee relationships.
Consultative Selling We recognize that what we have to set us apart from other competition in a sales orientated culture is our commitment to personalized service.