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Who Is Freebie?

After graduation from the Mascots of America University, Freebie began seeking gainful employment in the Fargo-Moorhead Community. He was looking for a home where he could be himself and express his "free" style. It wasn't until he received that fateful call from MacDalton Berns of Absolute Marketing explaining Union State Bank was looking for just such an addition to their team, that Freebie found his true calling. When Freebie learned about all the "Freebies" customers can enjoy at Union State Bank, he was overcome with joy and almost tripped over his size 20 shoes! His life was turning around now that there were no ATM fees and he began to feel right at home.

These days, Freebie can be found out on the corner of 45th Street in front of the Main Union State Bank location waving and entertaining the traffic as they go by. Freebie also makes special appearances at local events. If Freebie can bring a smile to just one person's face, he knows he's made a difference and that's what it's all about!


Date of Birth: March 6, 2007
Hometown: State Quarter Lover, ND
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: Highly Classified, but carried well
Motto: "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned"
Favorite Food: Andrew Jacksons - crisp, not dog-eared, served in a cassette with a side dish of receipt paper on a roll
Favorite Song: Money, Money, Money by ABBA
Favorite Entertainer: Johnny Cash
Education: Graduated with a degree in Dancing and a minor in High fives from the Mascots of America University
Siblings: 2 sisters - Money Mc Doodle & Dollar Mc Dunning
Responsibilities: Handling a lot of cards - some who take "swipes" at him. Many will punch his buttons, but Freebie will always repay with kindness. He is quite contentious, works extended hours and is always on call.
Objectives: Entertain the public with high fives, tens and twenties, smiles, and of course dancing